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Radiator Springs Racers, To Your Mark!



Vroom, Whoosh, Screech, Vroom… When I think of Cars and specifically Radiator Springs Racers these are the sounds I hear in my head. It’s okay if you don’t hear the same things. You might want to get it looked into though. Amongst the many attractions you’ll find in Cars Land, Radiator Springs Racers is by far the most popular. You’ll need to have a plan in place to get on this ride!

It’s common to be in line at Radiator Springs Racers for upwards of 2 1/2 hours on a slower park day. Here’s a tip though, get to the park early! When I say early, I mean before the park even opens. Head over to Buena Vista Street entrance half hour or more before park opening. You’ll be able to get into the park around 30 minutes before official opening. Once in California Adventure, send one person from your group to get the Fast Passes at Radiator Springs Racers, while the rest of you hit up the new Starbucks. Radiator Springs Racers is the most popular attraction in Cars Land, and honestly in all of California Adventure currently, and there are days when the entire allotment of Fast Passes are gone within the first hour or so of park opening. You’ll be sorry if you don’t get those Fast Passes early!


Quick tip for those with toddlers, make sure you have them measured up first. The ride height minimum is 40 inches. In addition to the ride height requirement, know that the ride is fast, there are dips and hills, quick turns and speed. These can be scary to some kids, so know your toddlers limits. If your children are anything like mind, they will expect to be the “winner” every time they ride. This won’t happen, so prep them early to know that there is no set car that will “win” every time. You’d have as much luck figuring out how many drops and how far the Tower of Terror will have. There are a few moments of stomach drops as you experience roller coaster like “flying” and “near misses” along the way. These can be scary for most younger kids, but generally if they enjoy rides such as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, they’ll be just fine on Radiator Springs Racers.

One last tidbit that you should know is that much like it’s cousin, Test Track, in Walt Disney World, this ride will break down and break down often. Much of the long line can be attributed to those holding out hope for the ride to be fixed and quickly return to operation. Unfortunately  the ride hasn’t gotten the bugs worked out completely so be prepared to entertain the kids, and adults, in your group for possible extended periods of time.

Overall, take the time to enjoy Radiator Springs Racers and all of Cars Land. you’ll find there is plenty to do and if you can swing it, ride the racers twice. Hit it once during the day and again at night for two completely different experiences. Whatever you do, you do not want to miss Cars Land during your visit!

I hope you find this information fun, new and worthwhile.


You’ve Got a Friend in Me!





You’ve Got a Friend in Me! Comment below on your favorite Disney Pals and their friend’s and I’ll do my best to update this posting with new pictures of everyone’s favorites!!

I hope you find this information fun, new and worthwhile.

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