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Hidden Mickey!



Yeah, you’ve heard Hidden Mickey’s before, right? Of course you have… Almost everyone has heard of them… But do you know what they are? Really? Wait, you haven’t heard of them?? Well let’s talk about them. If you have questions, hit me up at the email below! (This one is in the center of the painting turned sideways)

I always think of Hidden Mickey’s as those ones that aren’t just decoration. What do I mean by that you ask? Well when I see Mickey’s head at the top of a signpost or lamp pole, I don’t call those Hidden Mickey’s. What’s hidden about those? This is just my opinion and I know lots of people who call these Hidden Mickey’s and hey there’s no prize at the end of the day so call them what you want! Well I suppose there is a prize of sorts, finding ones that perhaps most people haven’t seen.

Here’s one that most people haven’t seen. Have you? It’s the biggest Hidden Mickey at Disneyland? Probably not if you haven’t viewed it from above…  Special thanks to ‘Finding Mickey’ for sharing this image.


Now that’s a HIDDEN MICKEY! You can see the outline of his head in the Round Flower Boxes and the sidewalks outlining them.

Here’s another super hard to find one, also thanks to Finding Mickey!



This one is found in the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, near a Pillar between Daisy 3A and 3B.  Good Luck finding it!! Leave me a comment if you see it, or post a picture to my Facebook page – Daniel – Agent with Destinations in Florida.

One More for fun from Finding Mickey! This site has some amazing ones that I had never seen before. He also has a Hidden Mickey hunt. I highly recommend printing it out before heading to the parks if you want to track some down.


Hidden Mickey’s are one of the special touches that Disney brings to the parks. It doesn’t cost anything extra, if you don’t go looking for them you don’t miss out on anything. But you can add to the already amazing time you’re having in Disney with a hunt for these. I personally don’t spend a lot of time looking. I just take in everything around me as I’m walking and am trying to look everywhere at once. That’s usually when I find them. If I’m intently looking I never ever see them. Ahh, such is life and the tomfoolery of our brains.

So no, I’m not going to tell you where they all are… What fun would that be? Not to mention how long would this post be? If you really want to find the most, there are a number of books available to help you on your way. Or visit Finding Mickey.

I’m simply pointing out to you what to look for. Hidden Mickey’s are all over and if you train your eye to spot them, you will find them popping out at you. Here’s one more that I think is on the border of being hidden, but for you new Hidden Mickey Hunters it’s a great way to start:


One at top and one at bottom. Etched into the design of the border. And those my fellow Disney fans are Hidden Mickeys…

So my question to you all is Are you ready to go on a Mickey Hunt? Leave me a comment with the your most proud Hidden Mickey find! I’d love to hear about it or even see it if you have a picture. Remember post them to my Facebook page!

FYI: Please know I hold other blogs in the highest regard and only want to give credit where due. Please visit HiddenMickey.com for more great pictures and information. However, don’t use it to cheat, but go and print out their checklist and go hunting!!

I hope you find this information helpful and fun.

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