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As you might have guessed, my family and I love Disneyland! As a newer Disney blogger, I have imagined some of the questions readers may have. One that I struggled with personally was what’s the right age to visit Disneyland? I imagine some of you may have the same concerns.

So my wife and I discussed, with some trepidation, taking our toddler son with us right after his 3rd birthday. We wondered what’s the right age to visit Disneyland? Additionally, we were feeling slightly guilty over the number of trips we’d taken since his birth to Disneyland without him. So we said Hakuna Matata and off we went. This was an especially good trip for his first visit. We were fortunate enough to have my Sister in law and her family with us, including our 6 year old niece. They were visiting us from Stockholm for a few weeks, so off we went. It was both kids first visit!

I know many, many parents have asked me what’s the right age to visit Disneyland? I’m not fully sure there’s a correct answer. Before going we felt 3 may have been too young. In some ways we were right, mostly we were wonderfully surprised at his enjoyment, wonder and curiosity over the whole magical experience. Were there moments of time that we wanted to rip our hair out, yeah… Quite a few moments. Were there just as many, if not more moments of looking at each other with pride in our kid who was loving Disney as much as we were…  Absolutely.

Top Reasons to bring your toddler to Disneyland:

  • You will experience Disney anew through them
  • Starstruck look when seeing Mickey live for the first time
  • Raising your hero status to unprecedented levels
  • Magical Memories
  • They find everything to be curiosier and curiosier
  • You will see parts of Disneyland you didn’t even know existed
  • Finding that ride that makes them giggle uncontrollably


Top Reasons NOT to bring your toddler to Disneyland:

  • They will lick EVERYTHING… Including the chains separating lines
  • They want EVERYTHING… Including bringing Mickey home
  • They eat EVERYTHING… If it’s a treat, they will eat it
  • They will cry about EVERYTHING… you will never go the right way, ever
  • They want to do EVERYTHING… Right NOW!

Those are our experiences with bringing our toddler to Disneyland. You’re now on your own. However, feel free to leave comments with your own experiences and concerns!


One last tip, watch your kids around Captain Hook though, he’ll lure them with cool balloons and turn them into Pirates!

I hope you find this information fun, new and worthwhile.

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Daniel is a self-proclaimed Disney Geek, Disney Vacation Planner and a Disneyland Specialist. When he’s not adding to the plethora of Disney Trivia in his head, you can find him on his Facebook Page and/or follow him on Twitter

DisneyDaniel (19 Posts)

Daniel is a self-proclaimed Disney Geek, Disney Vacation Planner and a Disneyland Specialist. When he isn't applying to be the next Marvel Superhero sidekick, you will find him scouring the web for any and all Disney News, Trivia and especially Deals! You can also contact him through Destinations In Florida to plan your first, next or best Disney Vacation!

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