Why I Love Disneyland!

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I first visited Disneyland when I was about 8 years old. My family went in a van with a porthole. It’s odd what we remember isn’t it? I don’t even know whom that ugly van belonged to. With my family were my Aunt and her children. It was a fairly large group of us traveling from Missouri to California, in the porthole van. Try and imagine a very uncool Mystery Machine van but in brown with 1970’s colors running down the side… Then imagine it 100 times worse and you’ll be close.

We stayed along the way in some fantastic K.O.A. campgrounds… Well fantastic may be a strong word for the accommodations, but we were going to DISNEYLAND! I couldn’t wait; I had wanted this trip for as long as my young 8-year-old self could remember.

I’m not sure I could tell anyone anything specific about our visit. I have memories of just being overwhelmed with excitement, with a bit of fear mixed in.  It could have been the Sky Way that caused the fear to be honest. When you first saw it, it went into a mountain! What is going on there? There are of course bits and pieces of memories but overall I know it started my love of all things Disney and that lives on with me to this day.

It took me over 11 years until I got to visit Disneyland again. This was the trip that sealed it for both my wife and I. We were hooked and there was no going back! Unlike my first visit, this one is etched into my memory forever. Every detail. Even if it wasn’t permanently imprinted on my mind, we have 1000’s of pictures, so I could always be easily reminded.  Matter of fact I think they are still in the Costco envelopes. Perhaps I should go on a Picture Hunt!

Through the years, we have made it a goal to visit Disneyland at least once, if not more times, a year. Heading down from our home in Seattle for a weekend is one of our favorite ways to spend our entertainment dollars. I almost hate to admit this, but my wife and I at times have ditched our son with grandparents and jaunted down to Disneyland for a weekend away for just us. Please don’t send me hate mail over that…

In the end, I can simply say that I love visiting Disneyland (and Disneyworld!). Truly it’s a magical place for my all. When I walk under the arches and see Main Street USA, I let go of any stresses I might have had, any worries and any troubles. I once again look upon Disneyland with my 8 year old eyes. I’m certain Walt wouldn’t have wanted it any other way…

And really, is there anything greater than that?

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Daniel is a self-proclaimed Disney Geek, Disney Vacation Planner and a Disneyland Specialist. When he’s not adding to the plethora of Disney Trivia in his head, you can find him on his Facebook Page and/or follow him on Twitter

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Daniel is a self-proclaimed Disney Geek, Disney Vacation Planner and a Disneyland Specialist. When he isn't applying to be the next Marvel Superhero sidekick, you will find him scouring the web for any and all Disney News, Trivia and especially Deals! You can also contact him through Destinations In Florida to plan your first, next or best Disney Vacation!

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